Would the Queen Elizabeth II or Kate Middleton’s wedding dress cost more today?

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Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding was the first royal wedding to ever be televised, and the black and white footage captured some of the luxury of the big day.

The 21-year-old Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip Mountbatten, who was 26, tied the knot at Westminster Cathedral. 

This is the location where Kate Middleton and Prince William also married, aged 29, in 2011.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding was rather pricey according to CBS News, who reported the ceremony cost $34 million, or £25.8m. 

However they claimed that £32m, or £24m, of that alone was spent on security.

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress cost £250,000 and is reportedly the fifth most expensive in the world. So how much did the Queen’s wedding day look cost?


The Queen’s wedding dress was created by Norman Hartnell, who created many more looks for her throughout his career.

The British designer created the ivory silk gown with a satin train, which was encrusted with 10,000 seed pearls imported from America. It had floral designs depicting jasmine, smilax, lilac and rose.

The Queen had to ration coupons to buy the material for the dress, as it was created less than two years after the Second World War.

However, The Crown gave a good idea of how much the gown might cost to make today. Designers for the BBC programme created a identical gown for the wedding scene, which cost £30,000.



Prince Philip designed for the Queen a stunning ring with a three carat square-cut diamond solitaire, which was flanked on each side by five smaller diamonds. The ring was set in platinum, and Her Highness wears the ring everyday.

It is not known how much Philip had the ring, created by Philip Antrobus Ltd, made for 

However, the diamonds were priceless, originally from a tiara owned by his mother.

Philip Antrobus is now known as Pragnell, and a brilliant cut diamond solitaire in platinum from the jeweller costs £26,450 today.

A diamond with a similar carat of 3.15 on white gold costs £58,575 from Brilliant Earth.


Her Highness wore the Kokoshnik tiara to her wedding, a favourite of hers over the years.

The tiara has 488 diamonds, set in white and yellow gold, and it is worth roughly £400,000 today.

In total this would bring the cost of the Queen’s wedding outfit to a whopping £488,575.

However, the jewellery was largely gifted to her majesty, making her wedding dress likely more modest in price compared to Kate Middleton’s stunning Alexander McQueen gown.

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