'Quarter-life CRISIS': Most young professionals worry about jobs and the property ladder

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A study by LinkedIn found that a third of professionals in their 20s and 30s feel they have wasted years in the wrong job, while a similar number have relocated to another part of the country or moved abroad.

Women are more unsure about what to do next in their careers than men, the survey of 2,000 young people by the professional network revealed.

The classic age for hitting the crisis is 26 years and nine months, while it lasts almost a year, said the report.

Darain Faraz of LinkedIn said: “The quarter-life crisis phenomenon is prominent amongst many young professionals today.

“We know that being a 20-something in today’s society can be a daunting prospect with added pressures from modern-day factors such as social media, getting on the housing ladder and finding your dream career.

“Unsurprisingly, just under three-quarters of this age bracket have, or still are, feeling a bit lost or have a distorted perception of their accomplishments.

“However, we see the quarter-life crisis as positive, one that enables you to take a step back, re-address the situation and make a positive impact on your happiness.”

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