Nile Rodgers net worth revealed: Chic guitarist performed at 2017 New Year’s Eve

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Nile Rodgers wowed crowds gathered and those watching his 2017 New Year’s Eve performance last night.

The 65-year-old musician performed with Chic, playing numerous songs from the disco era and Get Lucky, the single he co-wrote with Pharrell Williams.

The New York native has even performing since the 1970s and has worked with musical icons including Diana Ross, David Bowie and Britney Spears.

However, he is most famous for being a founding member of Chic, who recorded Le Freak, I Want Your Love and Everybody Dance.

Nile Rodgers net worth

Nile Rodgers net worth is about £52 million, according to The Richest.

The US star worked with Luther Vandross in Chic and both work as producers in the industry. 

Rodgers has won various awards, including a Grammy Award and a place in the Dance Music Hall of Fame, the Grammy Hall of Frame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now the musical legend lives in Westport, Connecticut with his partner Nancy.

Nile Rodgers told the Express in in October that although he is a wealthy man, he enjoys the simple things in life.

He said: “My perfect evening is watching Game Of Thrones but it’s over for this year so my perfect evening would just be making music – either writing it, recording it or performing it.”

Rodgers added: “My perfect Sunday is practising guitar and not having any responsibilities, just letting the day go where it goes. I don’t get many days like that in my life.”

From a music legend to a sports icon, how much is Phil Taylor worth

Phil Taylor is nicknamed ‘The Power’ and is regarded as the best darts player of all time. 

He has won 216 professional tournaments, which include 83 major titles and a record 16 World Championships.

He is now in the running to win his last championship. Taylor, who is 57, hails from Stoke-on-Trent in the West Midlands.

He announced on 27 January 2017 that he would retire from darts after the 2018 World Darts Championship.

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