eBay rare coin: Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin bought for WHOPPING 240 times original value

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The Sir Isaac Newton 50p sold on eBay for £120, which is 240 times its original value.

The coin was released in September to celebrate the birth of British scientist Isaac Newton.

Only 375 of the coins were released initially at the place of Isaac Newton’s birth, Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire.

The coin is part of a collaboration between the National Trust and the Royal Mint to celebrate the physicist’s 375th birthday.

Because so few were made, they are popular among collectors – although more are set to come.

Royal Mint plans to release more of the coins into circulation across the country in the coming months.

The coin has been listed for thousands of pounds on eBay, but the £120 sale is the most actually paid so far.

The seller on eBay confirmed that he had received payment for the coin, according to the Daily Star.

Sir Isaac Newton was the master of the Royal Mint for nearly three decades.

He was appointed warden of the mint in 1696, aged 53, when he was already a well-established scientist.

His tenure paved the way for the ‘gold standard’ after he produced a report in 1717 that helped establish gold coin as the pre-eminent currency of the UK.

The new 50p coin honouring the scientist was designed by a graphic designer at the Mint, Aaron West.

It was voted the favourite coin design of the year by coin collectors on

The coin was recently listed on eBay as part of a trio of rare 50p pieces for £1.5million.

Sir Isaac Newton, the NHS and the Battle of Hastings designs are all being offered for sale by ‘bigrob-is11’.

Describing the listing, he wrote: “Very rare Battle of Hastings 50p coin and very rare NHS 50p and a very rare 2017 Sir Issac Newton 50p for sale offers welcome and any questions feel free to ask.” (sic)

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